Hi! My name is Anavel Cuevas, founder of Isla Santa Naturals, and I want to share the story of how a small idea became our passion.

Isla Santa means "Sacred Island" in Spanish. It was born in 2023 under the ideology that we should treat our bodies with the same respect and care we would treat a piece of paradise: loving it, not polluting it. Preserving its natural beauty, and keeping toxics and chemicals away from it.

My mother, Lucy, started making Shea and Coconut body butter years ago for my brother and his family in Venice, CA. They always had beautiful sun kissed skin (and now I know why!). She later moved with me and my family and started to whip body butters for my son and other children who had a bad case of eczema (Massachusetts heaters don’t play with the skin).

Fast forward 6 years, she started to talk about making the body butters available for the public. During the previous years, not only we discovered how many benefits Shea Butter and Coconut oil have, but we also started to educate ourselves about the benefits of other natural oils and herbs: Almond, Rosemary, Calendula, Fenugreek, Rosehip… just to name a few.

What made me fall in love?

The quality of the ingredients and the fact that is not just possible, we are doing it, to create personal care products 100% from natural ingredients that work really well and that your body actually enjoys. We create products with a low environmental footprint, make them with love and ensure the best quality possible. You can read our labels and know exactly what you’re putting on your own Sacred Island.

Why not just buy from Amazon or a corporate retailer?  

I’m the mother of two beautiful children and care about the world I’m leaving for them and future generations. Isla Santa is not only a skin care brand, we aim to educate about a more clean and sustainable lifestyle. We care about being proactive with our health, collective wellness and supporting our community. This is a women-latina owned business. Your purchase makes a difference and we value every costumer. We are proud of our products and our goal is to share this knowledge and help you feel your best.

Thank you for joining us in this journey. We’re here to share, love and learn together. Let’s stay in touch.