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Isla Santa

Inner Energy Massage and Body Oil

Inner Energy Massage and Body Oil

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Massage and body oil with a pinch of mica powder for a shimmering touch. Comes with Intention Card.

Lavender promotes calm and positive internal energy. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety with its delicate and floral scent.

The intention of this oil is to nurture calm and positive energy, and to help you maintain tranquility and self-control in your life. Handcrafted with super ingredients like Shea, Coconut and Jojoba, this body oil is lightweight and easy to absorb by the skin. It is packed with antioxidants to promote elasticity and collagen production. This is an all natural vegan formula and includes mica powder for a shimmering touch!

Comes with intention card with easy daily steps. 

Ingredients: Organic Shea Oil, Organic Almond oil, Organic Coconut Oil,Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oils, Mica Powder.


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